scrotal edema tips for toileting and bathing

Scrotal Edema tips to make toileting and showering easier

Using the toilet and showering with scrotal edema can be challenging.  

For some, the pain of standing or sitting without support may be unbearable. The increased edema and skin sensitivity can also be painful and problematic for simple everyday activities. 

What’s the solution?

The best way to use the toilet and shower with scrotal edema is to find a position that works with the right support.  If standing is too painful, try a padded seat. If sitting doesn’t work, try positioning, elevation, or a sling support.

Here are a few ideas that might help.

Use a Urinal

One of the easiest ways to urinate with an enlarged scrotum is to use a urinal.  If it’s too painful to stand, try sitting at the edge of the bed. 

Try resting the back of the scrotum on the edge of the bed or use a soft towel or thin pillow for support.  Be careful not to sit too close to the edge to avoid falling. 

If sitting at the edge of bed is too difficult, use the urinal in bed.  Try using a towel underneath the penis and scrotum to avoid any leakage. 

I recommend using a urinal with a screwable lid for easier cleanup. 

Wear a support sling

If it’s difficult to stand while urinating or sit on the commode, a jock strap or support sling can be more comfortable. There is not a perfect sling for scrotal support, but here are a few options that might be helpful.

A jock strap can be helpful, because it can be worn while urinating.

Toileting tips

make toileting easier

If using a standard commode is too difficult to use, you might consider using a bedside commode or an elevated toilet seat. I recommend using one with a padded seat.  

In general, most bedside commodes have small toilet seats, and this can make toileting more of a challenge.  If possible, try using a bedside commode with a larger shaped sitting surface or a “U” shaped seat.

The “U” shaped seat is nice, because you can remove it to have the “U” shape facing forward or backward. 

Make the necessary adjustments to make sure the toilet seat is not too low or too tall. If you purchase a bedside commode, I recommend getting some toilet liners.

A bidet can make toileting easier

a bidet can make toileting easier

A bidet won’t work for everyone, but it can make toileting quicker, less messy, and less painful. If you have increased edema in you legs, or if reaching becomes too difficult, a bidet can be lifesaver.

I recommend choosing one that allows you to adjust the pressure like this one here.

Avoiding pain

If it’s still too painful to sit on the toilet, try using a support strap or jock strap to help.  You might also use a soft towel or elastic medical wrap to use as a sling under the scrotum when sitting.

If using the elastic wrap, you can start above the pelvic bones to start the anchor or wrap over the shoulders and under the scrotum. 

There’s not going to be a way to eliminate all the pain, but reducing the pull of gravity will help the most.


Showers can also present a challenge if it’s difficult to stand or sit for too long. If the individual is able to stand, consider a scrotal support or jock strap. 

If standing is too painful, use a padded shower chair with a removable shower head. If you have the padded bedside commode, you can also use it as a shower chair.  

Another option is to elevate the back of your buttocks with a shower chair foam cushion. 

You may have to try different options to see what works best for your situation.  

As you can see, there is not a perfect solution for everyone, but I hope this helps you think of other ways to make toileting and showering easier.

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