Ergonomics consulting in Santa Barbara

Today the amount of office injuries in the workplace is increasing at an unprecendented rate. More and more employees are spending most of their day sitting in a chair and are at risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders

If you work in the healthcare industry, you’re at an even greater risk to developing (MSD). By begininning an ergonomics consulation, you can implement a preventative and restorative plan to mitigate these risk factors and reduce costly claims. 

Ergonomic services

We offer ergonomic consulting services for the office worker and healthcare professionals in the Santa Barbara and central coast area. We also offer a virtual remote consulation. Our services include preventative and restorative. We see client’s who are experiencing pain or returning to work. We also setup an ergonomic workspace to prevent injuries.

Office employee

Our thorough office evaluation includes an assessment, training, and recommendations. We investigate the risk factors, provide solutions, and recommend equipment.

Home office

The home office is where office injuries happen the most, because most employees don’t have the neccessary equipment to do their job safely and efficiently.

A simple remote or in person evaluation can be a simple solution to reducing risk of injury and increasing productivity.

Healthcare professionals

As a healthcare professional, I know the needs of employees who work in healthcare. Most injuries occur from helping patients in and out of bed. Our evaluation and training can reduce the risk factors associated with these injuries and provide solutions to returning to work. 

As an occupational therapist, I understand that developing musculoskelatal disorders (MSD) is obvious, but what’s not obvious is how to implement a plan to change the way employees do their job.

Santa Barbara pricing for ergonomics specialist

Choose your consultation

Need an office evaluation? Choose from these 3 options. 

  • In Person
  • Remote
  • Quick Phone Consultation

The in person and remote consultation both include a full evaluation, training, and an individualized report with recommendations.

The Phone Consultation includes training and recommendations based on your needs.

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