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This new ergonomics assessment is fast, easy to use, and convienent.  Simply upload photos of your workstation and fill out the form.  

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Why you need an at ergonomic assessment for your home office?

Why you need an ergonomic assessment

Do you work from home and spend hours sitting at a desk or using a computer? Today, more than ever, people are working from home and having work related injuries. A remote ergonomic assessment can help prevent injuries from happening, and provide interventions to reduce awkward postures and fatigue…

One-on-one training

If you work from home or the office, you may be at increased risk for musculoskeletal injuries due to sitting at a desk, awkward postures, and repetitious movement.  Sign up today for a remote ergonomic assessment to improve your health and productivity.

One-on-One training
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Cost savings

More and more employees are working from home and don’t have office equipment to do their job. 

Proper ergonomics is key to preventing injuries and maintaining good posture in the workplace, and one of the best ways to do this is by doing a remote ergonomic assessment by a professional.

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