Online MOCA testing for physicians – Now available

If every clinician had the time and energy to do cognition screening, there would be less accidents on the road, less falls at home, and more safeguards to help older adults age in place.

Online MOCA testing for physicians, helps solve this problem by providing doctors and healthcare practitioners with the support they need to better evaluate and diagnosis their patients with Alzheimers dementia, TBI, stroke, or other cognitive impairments.

Why do I need cognition screening for my practice?

A thorough cognitive assessment is rarely used in private practice and can be helpful in determining if a patient is safe to live on their own, drive, or care for a loved one.

It can also help family members to know if further caregiver support or placement is needed.

How do I get MOCA testing for my practice?

MOCA testing can be offered individually for your patients for about $100 per assessment, or it can be a service you provide at your clinic on a monthly basis.

The monthly service would be based on the number of clients seen for a cognition screening each month.

Who is MOCA testing for?

MOCA testing is for anyone at risk for cognitive impairment.  This includes problems with memory, orientation, speech, concentration, executive functioning, abstraction, and attention.

How long does the MOCA take?

15-20 minutes

How do I get started?

If you’d like to get cognition screening for your practice, fill out the form below and share how you would like to implement a cognition screening for your practice.