The best Black Friday deals for Steelcase office chairs

The best Holiday deals for Steelcase office chairs

If you’re looking for a good ergonomic chair on sale, Steelcase is one of the best one’s you can find. Right now Crandall office furniture is offering 20% off all their office furniture (coupon code BF2022), and that includes Steelcase chairs that have been returned.

For example, the Steelcase leap, which is one of my favorite chairs from steelcase is priced at $599 for a remanufactured version. That’s a pretty good deal for a chair that retails for $1200.

Steelcase office chairs

Here’s a list of all my favorite Steelcase office chairs on sale right now.

The Steelcase Leap and Gesture are some of the best ergonomic chair’s you can find, but the Series 1 is a great option if you need a chair on a budget.

Also check out steelcase refurbished resellers on eBay. Ebay has even better prices and the reviews from this seller are pretty good. Ebay also give you the peace of mind with a 30 day return period, if there’s any issue with your order.

Check eBay listings here.

Why do you need a Steelcase office chair

Steelcase and Herman Miller are some of the best ergonomic chairs for the office. If you work from home, or have back pain from working at a desk, you probably would benefit from a better ergonomic setup.

A good ergonomic chair is usually highly adjustable. You need lumbar support, arm rests that swivel, pan, and move up and down. You need to be able to rest your feet flat on the floor, and you need a soft waterfall edge.

You can find this any about 5% of office chairs, but most of the don’t meet the quality of steelcase.

My top recommended Steelcase office chairs

I’ve tried out every steelcase office chair at their headquarters in San Francisco, and these are my top picks.

  1. Steelcase leap
  2. Steelcase Gesture