The Importance of Occupational Therapy in Driver Rehab

Driver Rehab Specialist in San Luis Obispo

Hi, my name is David, and I’m an Occupational Therapist and driver rehab specialist in San Luis Obispo county.

Living in California, the central coast is probably one of the best places to drive. There’s less traffic, friendly drivers, and beautiful scenery, but right now there are more older adults behind the wheel than any other time in history.

Driving is a big part of your life, but if you’re an older adult, it’s important to stay safe behind the wheel.

I started this driver rehab program to help you determine whether or not you’re fit to drive.

Why older adults are at risk

According to the CDC, in 2030 adults ages 65 and up will make up 20% of the U.S population, and most of them will be licensed drivers.

With increased age, comes increased risk of accidents.  Older adults are more likely to have chronic medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, neuropathy, macular degeneration, vertigo, and muscle weakness. 

Many of these diseases require medications that may cause drowsiness, delirium, seizures, dizziness, changes in blood pressure, nausea, weakness, and the list goes on.  

Other problems with aging may result in vision acuity or visual field changes and problems with cognition. 

Occupational Therapy driving assessment

Driver rehab San Luis Obispo

It’s my hope that I can provide you with a driver evaluation and assessment to meet your needs. To do this, I will start by asking about your driving behavior and perform screening measurements for cognition, vision, and motor functions.

What’s included?

My evaluation includes:

  • Cognition screening to assess how well your brain functions and how it might be affecting your ability to drive safely
  • Driver safety evaluation covering everything from visual acuity to how well you can multi-task while driving
  • Behind the wheel assessment that allows us to see what kind of habits you have while driving and whether or not they could be dangerous in certain situations.

This information is then used to create an individualized report for your doctor so they can make informed decisions about when it’s best for you to retire from driving completely.

For more information or to request an evaluation, please contact me below.

Additional info about Driver Rehab

To learn more about driver rehab watch this video below.