Remote Cognitive Assessment

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This is the remote MOCA cognitive assessment is used to identify mild cognitive impairment. The test includes 7 domains that screen for problems related to executive functioning, visuospatial abilities, short-term memory, attention, concentration, language comprehension, and orientation. The test is administered and analyzed by a certified instructor who is able to provide a score based on the assessment. The score may represent mild, moderate, or severe cognitive impairment.

This test is not a diagnostic tool.  To receive a diagnosis, you must consult with your physician.

Remote cognitive assessment benefits

Cognition testing can help you know if your loved one is safe to live alone. It can be used to screen for dementia, as well as other cognitive impairments that affect decision-making. The results of this assessment are used to determine whether your loved one needs assistance with daily tasks like driving, finances, medication management, meal preparation and more.

We understand how stressful it is for caregivers who worry about their loved ones’ ability to live independently—and we want to help relieve some of that stress by helping you identify potential issues early on so that your loved one can get the care they need before it becomes too late!

How does it work?

After your purchase, I will set up an appointment by email. I will then do an over the phone assessment.  You will need a caregiver present at home for the evaluation. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.