Your Personal OT Coach

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Are you thinking about becoming an OT, working on an college application, or preparing for an OT school interview?

If so, I’m here to help.


This OT coaching session is for Pre-OTs, Student OTs, and working OTs.  In this session, I’m here to give you advice and recommendations and to help you along your path in occupational therapy.


Preparing for Occupational Therapy school can be challenging and stressful, and there’s not a lot of resources out there. The more you know will help you feel better prepared and confident going forward.

During this call, I’ll be able to answer your questions and give you one-on-one advice.

Here are some questions you may have

  • Should I become an OT?
  • When should I start applying?
  • How should I prepare for the interview?
  • What’s the cost of OT school?
  • How can I pay for OT school?
  • How much do OTs make?
  • How many schools should I apply to?
  • What pre-requisites do I need?
  • How do can I stand out?
  • How many hours should I shadow?
  • What type of program will be best for me?
  • What is it like working as an OT?
  • What settings can I work in?
  • How can I make my application stand out?


Student OT

I didn’t have the highest GPA in undergrad, but I was able to make my way into OT school and graduate with honors. Two years later, I paid off all my OT loans and became debt free. I’ve worked in countless OT settings and can help you understand what it’s like and what jobs are more enjoyable.

I can also help you as your manage your school assignments and help you know how to study to improve your grades.

Professional OT

This coaching session can also help you if you’re feeling lost, over worked, or want to start something new.  For any of you who feel like you need a change and want to do something different, this session is for you. I understand the feeling, and I hope this session will help you find ways to make your job more meaningful.


If you think a coaching call would be helpful, click the link on this page to purchase your session, and I will contact you to schedule a session. If you’d rather text or email, I’d be happy to meet your request.