Medbridge promo code OTFOCUS

MedBridge Promo Code (OTFOCUS) can save you $150 off CEUs

But is it worth it? What does it include? Is it refundable? Are there any better options?

Is MedBridge worth it?

Is Medbridge worth it? (Full Review - Promo Code: OTFOCUS)

In my full review, I explain that MedBridge is worth it for most healthcare professionals who want courses that provide valuable content at a low price.  You’ll get more courses than you can ever finish in a year (unlimited), and the phone app makes it simple and easy to use.  

I prefer MedBridge over other platforms, because it’s cheaper with the discount code (OTFOCUS), and it includes more premium features with the basic plan.

Since my job gives me $500 per year to use toward OT CEUs, I buy medbridge every year.  It’s great if you want to take a quick 30-60 min course while driving to and from your commute.  

I can get through a course in a couple days at this rate.  They also offer 2-3 hour courses, and you can print off the slides after each course for reference.  

I can quickly add courses to my queue, and then listen while I drive and resume while I’m at work charting. It’s almost like an audio book.

How much does it cost?

You can choose the basic plan for $275 or the premium plan for $325, but you’ll get $150 with the promo code: OTFOCUS.

Cost compared to the competition

How does the cost of MedBridge compare with the competition? In the chart below, I compare MedBridge with the top online course Platforms.

Course PlatformBasicPremiumPromo Code
MedBridge$275/year$325/year$150 off (OTFOCUS)
Allied Health Ed$219/year$259/yearN/A
Advantage CEUs$10/course$99 N/A

Why should you choose MedBridge?

You should choose MedBridge because it’s the one of the easiest CEU platforms to use an any device, and it has some of the best quality videos and instructors that provide high quality content and information that’s actually useful. Check out my review.

Medbridge has recently become one of the largest CEU platforms for nurses and therapists. They have hundreds of courses related to nursing, occupational, physical, and speech therapy. They are one of the fastest growing CEU business in the state of Washington and they just received verification from CHAP, “the most experienced home care accreditation program nationwide.”

MedBridge is squashing the competition, and they’re growth is unprecedented.

Medbridge 2023 promo code (OTFOCUS)

What plan should you choose?

I prefer the basic plan, because I work in the hospital. If I worked in outpatient, I would probably use the premium plan because of all the features it offers for patients. I would recommend trying the premium plan for the first year to try it out because it does have some useful features.

FeaturesBasic PlanPremium Plan
Continuing Education Courses**
Certification Prep Programs **
Live Webinars **
Clinician Mobile App**
Compliance Training **
MedBridge Certificates**
Home Exercise Library*
Patient Education *
Home Program (HEP) Builder*
Online Patient Portal *
Patient Mobile App *

What other promo codes can you get?

Currently, MedBridge offers a promo code with any affiliate partner (OTFOCUS). On Occasion they provide an additional promo code on Black Friday for an additional 10% discount. You might also check with them on nursing week.

Medbridge Promo code OTFOCUS

What alternative programs are available?

There are various course platforms for online CEUs, but MedBridge is the only plan that offers unlimited online courses and live courses. The other platforms charge more to pay for live courses.

If you check out my course tab, you can find some of the courses I have available for occupational therapy. You might also consider the following:

There are other platforms to choose from, but these seem to be the most popular among users.

Unlimited yearly CEUs vs private courses

OT ergonomics course

Yearly subscriptions are great, but sometimes you just want to take one really good course from someone who put in hard earned time and effort. In my ergonomics course you’ll get this type of experience.

Does MedBridge have a refund policy?

According to MedBridge, there is no refund policy available. However, if you terminate your membership, your membership will remain active until one year after the purchase date. 

I know MedBridge will automatically renew your membership each year, which can be frustrating for individuals needing employer verification each year. However, if you do auto-renew Medbridge has been really good about canceling your membership for the following year. 

This isn’t written in their policy, but it’s probably best to cancel your yearly membership, so you don’t get overcharged. 

MedBridge vs Summet-education

If you’re trying to decide between MedBridge and Summet, I they’re both great platforms but MedBridge is much easier to use with the app. It’s a lot like listening to an audiobook. The videos are also easier to watch because you can increase the speed, skip ahead, and download the powerpoint after.

MedBridge also includes videos and live stream with the basic plan. Summit charges more for the live stream, and I haven’t had a great experience with most of the live stream presenters.

How do I use my promo code?

To use the promo code first click here to choose a plan.

On the next page you can confirm the discount code is OTFOCUS.

Who are the instructors?

There are various instructors for each program. If you’re watching a course for physical therapy you’ll have a physical therapy instructor. If you’re watching a course for athletic trainers, you’ll have a course from an athletic trainer. MedBridge has a lot of great instructors and the courses will say if they’re approved for your license and state.

Are there any free MedBridge courses?

Occasionally, Medbridge offers a trial, but usually you will only be able to watch the first chapter of a course. The trial autorenews and will require a one year membership. There are not any other free courses offered by MedBridge. 

If your an organization you can get free access to live webinars here.

Is there an AOTA discount code for MedBridge?

2023 medbridge discount code

AOTA does not have a discount code for MedBridge, but you can use the code OTFOCUS for a discount. 

What is the Occupational therapy promo code for MedBridge?

The MedBridge promo code for OT, PT, and SLP is “OTFOCUS.” You don’t need a different code for each discipline. The promo code OTFOCUS will work for all diciplines including nursing. 

What is the Physical therapy promo code for MedBridge?

The MedBridge promo code for physical therapy is OTFOCUS

What is the Speech therapy promo code for MedBridge?

The MedBridge promo code for Speech therapy is OTFOCUS

How can I make money through MedBridge?

There are a few ways to generate an income through MedBridge. You can reach out to become an online instructor, become an affiliate partner, or write articles for MedBridge on their website.

To learn how to become a MedBridge partner click here.


In conclusion, MedBridge stands out to me as the best online platforms for healthcare professionals due to its comprehensive range ease of use, educational resources, innovative technology, and commitment to improving patient outcomes.

It allows healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care and connect with their patients in new and meaningful ways. To learn read my full review, check out my other page here.

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