How Apple Vision Pro can bridge the gap for the physically challenged

How Apple Vision Pro can bridge the gap in Healthcare

The apple Vision Pro is a pretty cool piece of tech that could help make social isolation less isolating, especially for those in a hospital bed.

The Apple Vision Pro is a new type of AR spatial computer headset that can be controlled with your eyes, ears, hands, and voice. 

You may think that this device will only socially isolate us more, and you’re right. But think about the people who already are socially isolated because of their inability to mobilize, talk, or hear.

Breakthrough for people with spinal cord injuries

Apple Vision Pro can help people with spinal cord injuries to be able to communicate with family or friends through the headset without having to use their arms or legs.

They don’t have to pick up an iPhone or use a computer to Facetime. They can control apps with the use of their eyes and their voice. 

How it can help someone who is sick or bedbound

The Vision Pro can also be impactful for people who are bedbound by giving them a lens or way to communicate to the outside world.

We often don’t want others to see us when we are sick or confined to a bed, but the VisionPro can scan your face to make a digital version of yourself when Facetiming with family and friends. 

An AR headset that can help with depression?

Vision Pro for depression

The Vision Pro can also be helpful for people who are depressed or socially isolated. 

Think a moment about the factors that cause someone to be depressed and socially isolated.

  • Low self-esteem
  • Low motivation
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling of helplessness

The Vision Pro won’t be helpful in all circumstances, but it can be helpful for people who have a low self-esteem because of their self-image. 

This is because VisionPro scans your face and makes a digital profile of yourself to project to others over Facetime or Zoom. 

This can make a huge difference for people who don’t want to go out or Facetime because they don’t want to do their makeup or get ready for the day.

What other tech can improve health

Apple has created devices that call 911 if you fall, get lost, and they’ve made devices that even help you better track your sleep. As apple continues to innovate, we are closer than ever to close the gap health related problems.

Mental Health

Cedar Sinai just recently created a mental health tool for the Vision Pro called Xaia.

It’s a virtual person who uses artificial intelligence “as a way to offer patients self-administered, AI-enabled, conversational therapy in relaxing spatial environments such as a creek-side meadow or a sunny beach retreat where patients also can do deep breathing exercises and meditation.”

It’s not the same as a real person, but I can still see how it could be beneficial for people suffering with depression who just need to talk.

Sometimes it can anxiety inducing to talk to a real person, and that’s exactly how AI can help.


The Vision Pro is just another way we can find positive ways to improve our health. As isolating as it sounds, this new AR device can really make a difference especially for those who are already isolated.

This is just another way, apple continues to make wearable devices that improve health.