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Why you need an hand therapy coach

Hand therapy is a very specific field and there are not a lot of recources out there.  A hand therapy coach can help you navigate the stresses and challenges you might experience and help you find the path that’s right for you. As an hand therapy coach, I can teach what you can expect as a student or new grad.  I can also help you learn what you need to do to land a job.  

Have questions about OT school?

Got questions about occupational therapy school? I have answers! I can help you learn how to get OT experience, shadow, or ace your OT interview to help you better prepare to become a hand therapist.  

OT school questions
Hand Therapy coach

Working as a hand therapist?

Are you struggling as a new grad, need a new direction in your practice, or want to start a business?  As an hand therapist, I can provide you with individualized attention to help you along this journey.

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Book your coaching session if you think a coaching call would be helpful, click the link on this page to purchase your session. I’ll be in contact with you to schedule your session and ask you some preliminary questions.

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