Why you need an at ergonomic assessment for your home office?

Why you need an ergonomic assessment for your home office?

Do you work from home and spend hours sitting at a desk or using a computer?

If you do, you would probably benefit from a remote ergonomic assessment.


Today, more than ever before, people are working from home and having work related injuries. A remote at home ergonomic assessment can help prevent injuries from happening, and provide interventions to reduce awkward postures and fatigue.

Why Ergonomics is important?

According to Osha.gov, “Ergonomics is important because when you’re doing a job and your body is stressed by an awkward posture, extreme temperature, or repeated movement your musculoskeletal system is affected. Your body may begin to have symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort, and pain, which can be the first signs of a musculoskeletal disorder.”

  • Musculoskeletal disorders are the single largest category of workplace injuries and make of 30% of all worker’s compensation costs. (BLS)

The research shows that better ergonomics will save your employer money and will lead to less pain, fatigue and stress on you body.

Why you need a remote ergonomic assessment?

When you spend hours sitting, typing, or looking at a screen you may develop fatigue from awkward postures without even realizing it. That’s why it’s so important to have a ergonomist evaluate and assess…

  • Sitting position
  • Arm and hand posture
  • Neck and eye position
  • Room lighting and glare
  • Desk, monitor and chair height
  • Keyboard and mouse placement

In an ergonomic assessment, you’ll learn what postures to avoid and recommendations for equipment you might need.

For example, you may learn that your tile floor isn’t the best for a chair with casters or how to properly sit at a desk with dual monitors.

An ergonomics specialist will help you know the best possible ergonomic solutions for your home or office.

Why you need a home ergonomics assessment

Why your home office isn’t your work office

Most home offices don’t have the expensive equipment that you might have at your work office, but a home office assessment can provide you with DIY tips or simple recommendations to improve your chair and desk setup.

What a remote home ergonomic assessment includes?

After signing up, I’ll provide you with a brief survey about your home office. You’ll send photos of your home workstation while seated at your desk.

Next, I’ll provide you with an individualized report and recommendations that might be beneficial for your home office.

Can my employer pay for a home office assessment

Yes. In some states, employers are required to have a program in place for safe work practices and training.

California law requires your employer to have an injury and illness prevention program (IIPP)that includes training and instruction on safe work practices. One way to do this is to do a remote assessment with an ergonomist specialist.

If you’re ready to take preventive measures on safe work practices, contact your employer to see if they are willing pay for a home office assessment.

How do I get a home office ergonomic assessment?

If you’re interested in receiving a home office ergonomic assessment, signup below. I’ll reach out to you to help you know what you need to do next.

Remote ergonomic assessment for the home office