Best Ergonomic Keyboard Black Friday Deals

Hi, I’m David, and I’m a professional ergonomist.

A good ergonomic keyboard can prevent tendon strain, wrist and shoulder pain, and reduce issues related to carpal tunnel.

What kind of keyboard should you get?

When choosing an ergonomic keyboard I recommend switching to a compact keyboard and using a bluetooth keypad. This helps to keep your shoulder a good neutral position and reduces abduction.

You also need to consider your wrist position. Your wrist should be straight, and that usually means keeping the keyboard at horizontal to negative slope.

If you have large hand, consider a split keyboard design like the Logitech Ergo or Kensis free style.

The best keyboard deals

These are the top keyboard deals I’ve found so far.

This is the best deal I’ve found on this keyboard, and it’s one of my top rated keyboards of all time for ergonomics.

You might not think this is a great ergonomic keyboard, but the keys are much easier to press, provide better tactile input, and the compact size reduces shoulder abduction.

Top Keyboard Picks

Here are my top keyboard picks for 2023

The Logitech Mechanical mini is my top pick for comfortable typing and having a great compact design. I you have larger hands, I’d skip this one and go for the next keyboard on the list (Keychain Q8)

This keyboard is a little more expensive, but you get the compact size, soft mechanical input, and a split keyboard design. It’s not my favorite for the price, but it’s an incredible keyboard for people who need the split design layout.

If you can’t use a compact keyboard, get the Logitech Ergo. It’s best in class for design, comfort, and it has the best keyboard software you’ll find. I don’t like the longer length, but for accountants and anyone else who needs a numeric keypad, it’s a great option.

Top Ergonomic Mice Picks

For wrist pain and carpal tunnel go for the evoluent or trackpad. Otherwise I would recommend the Mx master 3s.